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Petrophysics Support

Our partners retain direct access to full petrophysics data analysis support through our diverse team of professionals who are experienced in all aspects of well logging petrophysics, nuclear physics and geology. From mature basin re-evaluations to unconventional reservoirs, our team can assist in evaluating all reservoir types or provide you “second opinions” on existing datasets. Whether it is a single-well evaluation or an entire field, our group is ready to assist in any manner to meet your clients needs. Our CSI approach to evaluating data not only provides answers to net pay and reserves, but also identifies regions of the wellbore that may be compromised, preventing an effective completion or re-completion operation being performed and alerting your clients to potential problems and risks prior to undertaking them. Our Well Integrity Monitoring service utilizes numerous well logging responses to identify and characterize background issues before they become expensive remedial problems.

Accurate, Comprehensive Data Analysis

The log analysis on this coal bed methane well illustrates the strong correlation between calculated gas content and coal seam quality derived from log responses to determine gas seam content, gas-in-place and seam producibility. This data was acquired through 4½” x 9.5lbm/ft. casing surrounded by 12.52 ppg cement in 6¼” open-hole. The coal quality (proximate analysis data) is presented in Track 3 and is derived directly from the through-casing bulk density measurement. Track 4 illustrates the calculated individual seam gas content and gas-in-place per seam for reserves estimates derived from the coal proximate analysis. The red shaded profile in Track 5 illustrates the calculated individual seam gas producibility as a percent of the total calculated production rate potential for the individual seams. The derived production rate potential (red shade) matches extremely well to the production logging survey performed on the well following stimulation, clean-up and stabilization. The production log flow profile (yellow shade) confirms the calculated seam gas-rate potentials thereby allowing producers to maximize resource potential and improve reservoir management practices. The total gas-rate flow rate for this well was 45.9 mscf/d (1.3e3m3/d) at surface conditions.

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