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Universal Well Logging Technology

tool-3 Quantum Petrophysics Sigma offers a new and unique generation of well logging technology in a universal platform to meet the demands of today’s service industry. This flexible tool platform can be custom-built to meet the needs of open-hole and cased-hole applications with supplementary well shuttle and MWD/LWD conveyance alternatives possible, allowing full diversity in your service offerings.

Fully compatible with SDS (Warrior) logging acquisition software, sensor data is transmitted real-time (SRO) to surface over mono-conductor cable and is also stored individually in down hole tool memory. Full 1024 channel spectra from 9 independent radiation detectors is acquired and stored in memory, available for spectral deconvolution and analysis upon dumping the data at surface. Full Wave Sonic data is stored within a separate tool memory to record Borehole Compensated Sonic data for mechanical properties measurements and cement evaluation. A battery pack option allows the tools to be conveyed in a memory mode using a variety of deployment options to handle problematic well situations, eliminating the need to mobilize specialized equipment or personnel.

tool-4The small diameter tool design lends itself to being easily deployed within 4½” casing or small diameter open-hole. This small OD, combined with the unique instrumentation design, greatly reduces the risk of sticking due to tight hole conditions, bridging due to borehole restrictions and the risk of differential sticking in open-hole applications. Further, success in reaching TD is greatly enhanced in deviated wells using wire line deployment methods over conventional tools. If open-hole logging has been negated due to cost and risk, cased wells can be logged to acquire a full-suite of nuclear and sonic Formation Evaluation (FE) data in combination with a cement bond log, reducing the need to mobilize wire line for two separate logging operations during the course of drilling and completing the well.


Quantum technology represents a significant advancement in well logging and has evolved as the first step forward in meeting today’s service demands of bringing open-hole and cased-hole technology together to minimize equipment demands and facilitate multiple application well intervention diversity using a single platform. Designed, modeled and characterized by a leading team of research scientists, logging engineers and petrophysicists, the QPS tool platform has been built upon newly conceived and multiple patented technologies via a team with in excess of 175 years of technical expertise! These innovations have led to increased accuracy, sensitivity and precision to yield accurate responses in open-hole or through casing and cement, to yield near open-hole quality results. Nuclear tools have been extensively characterized through the use of MCNP modelling and, for cased well applications, have been characterized in variable cased-hole environments to derive rigorous correction algorithms to compensate for the variations in annular borehole dimensions, annular-fill material density, wellbore fluid density, casing diameter and casing wall thickness variations.

Tool Specifications & Applications


Spectral Gamma

Lithology determination, discriminate between sands, shales and accessory minerals.



Spectral Density

Measures through casing and cement to establish and quantify formation bulk density.



Full Wave Sonic Bond

Perform cement bond evaluation in combination with formation properties logging.



Spectral Neutron

Thermal and Epithermal measurements resulting in accurate formation porosity measurements.