Our Technology

Compensated Full Wave Sonic Radial CBL

iQ-Tool-Icons-SGA unique acoustic logging system consisting of multiple radial and omni-directional receivers provides numerous amplitude and slowness measurements for cement evaluation and formation compressional slowness to calculate rock mechanical strength properties. Borehole compensated measurements diminish the effects of variations in borehole dimensions or tool misalignment in the borehole, increasing the measurement accuracy in either open-hole or through-casing logging applications. Full Wave Form recording of the acoustic signal can be configured between any single receiver or any choice of multiple receivers and all data is stored to an on-board memory in addition to real-time data transmission over a mono-conductor cable. Combinable with all of the Quantum tool platform, the CFWS may also be run in memory-mode to fully capture the use of multiple deployment options under all operating conditions.

  • 2.75” (69.85mm) OD
  • 300°F (150°C) Temperature Rating
  • 15kpsi (103.4MPa) Pressure Rating
  • Compensated Compressional Slowness
  • Sonic Amplitudes and Travel Times
  • Sonic Attenuation
  • Formation Evaluation in Open and Cased-Hole
  • Gas Detection with Neutron
  • Sonic Porosity and Secondary Porosity
  • Fracture Identification
  • Synthetic Seismograms
  • Cement Bond Evaluation
  • Acoustic Impedance Measurements
  • Multiple Receiver Spacings
  • Noise Suppression Housing
  • Full Wave Form Recording
  • Borehole Compensation
  • SRO or Memory Operation
  • Mono-Conductor Cable Deployment
  • Integrated On-Board Memory